About Me

About Dr. Ruben Rajah

Ruben Rajah is a global citizen, comedian and doctor. Born in Malaysia, educated in Australia, and an American citizen for over 10 years, he is culturally comfortable everywhere and nowhere.

Married for 20 years and parent to a dog and cat, his humor is informed by years of ignoring them while day-dreaming about telling jokes. Life according to Ruben is both funny and predictably unpredictable, like the taste of his Malaysian cooking.

 Born with no athletic ability Ruben decided a career in Medicine would garner female attention (it did). After 17 years in the Upper Left of the USA, he moved to New York to enjoy the safety and ambience of the subway system.

He enjoyed the narcissistic exercise of writing this bio in the third person and wonders how much more he has to say before you decide to come to one of his shows…?

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